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Secretary is is is the first Italian business community dedicated to Manager Assistants and their companies.

Jessica Alessi, the founder, had the idea during 90s when she lived in Buenos Aires (South America). In that period she worked in a communications company: she had to organize the animation of a loyalty club dedicated to people who books rooms and meetings of an international and prestigious hotel chain. She realize that the role of secretary was changing from simple executor to perfect organizer, decision maker and especially problem solver.

Jessica came back to Italy in 2000 and established in 2001 with her sister Vania, perfect, independent and multilingual "Assistant", used to manage international relationships.

Our key words: competence, training and networking!


Jessica, Vania and our team helps the assistants and their companies with their office activities through tips, advices, solutions and supplies selections. organizes projects to support and celebrate the role: the "Assistant of the year" award, the Secretary Day and many others...

We are problem solvers for the problem solvers, the essential reference point for professional needs and not only!


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Are you a manager assistant? is your community.

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Jessica Alessi

Jessica Alessi




Vania Alessi

Vania Alessi
 STAFF Staff

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